Quick Questions With Nehali Lalwani

Nehali Lalwani: Contributing Writer for ' i '

1. Now "  i "  has been entered into Limca Book Of Records 2015's Special Literature Edition. How do you feel about it? 
To be frank enough, I never thought the book consisting one of my short stories will ever be listed in Limca Book Records. I was overjoyed when I was told about it. This book is really close to my heart and it will be close as I have given my first ever written short story for I an anthology of short stories. I really want this book to reach to the masses.  I feel delighted when my parents share this news with their acquaintances and feel proud about it.

2. How as it working with First Step Publishing?

Wonderful! It feels so good to work with a passionate team that works so efficiently. I would like to thank the entire team of First Step and specially Dr. Rohit Shetty for giving me a wonderful opportunity as a debut writer. I have been part of 2 books till date that has been published by first step and honestly, I would like to work  with them in future as well.

3. Can you please share the gist of your story in " i "
My story, titled as “Destiny wins over love” in I – An anthology of short stories is an inspirational tale about a combat amid destiny and love. Many times in life, we are mistaken in identifying the factual facade of our close ones because, we are blindly entailed into them and when reality strikes in we end up blaming destiny.

The moral of my story is, whatever happens, happens for something good. At times, If God/ destiny seizes away something from you that’s because, destiny have plans to surprise you with something better.
The story ends up with a positive note and I’m sure reader's belief in fate will befall stronger after reading Destiny wins over Love.

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