Quick Questions With Abhishek Agarwal

Abhishek Agarwal: Contributing writer for ' i '

1. Now "  i "  has been entered into Limca Book Of Records 2015's Special Literature Edition. How do you feel about it?
It is a special feeling to be a part of Limca Records. It is my first book and being a part of such prestigious list its overwhelming.

2. How as it working with First Step Publishing?
I always wanted to pen down my thoughts and first step gave me the opportunity through " I" . It was a privileged to co-author it with 12 esteemed writers. to I am thankful to all and specially Rajesh and his team of first step for the co-operation.

3. Can you please share the gist of your story in " i "
My Story" Amchi Mumbai" talks about the experience that i had during stay in mumbai, and what actually makes the city different from the rest of the world. Right from impressing a girl to making new friends, Mumbai and Mumbaikars offer experiences which became un -erased pages of my life. I am sure that my readers will develop a new perspective of mumbai after reading the story.

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