Quick Questions with Indu Pillai

Indu Pillai: Contributing writer for ' i '

1. Now "  i "  has been entered into Limca Book Of Records 2015's Special Literature Edition. How do you feel about it?
I think the concept of the book in itself was very unique and challenging. The news that 'i' has been entered into the Limca Book of Records 2015s Special Literature Edition is every more thrilling. This is a great achievement and I congratulate First Step Publishing and wish them many more such honours and accolades.

2. How as it working with First Step Publishing?

It was an enjoyable experience. First step Publishing is that breed of publishers who are aiming to look at new formats and work with authors who are interested in telling stories in a unique way.

3. Can you please share the gist of your story in " i " -

The central theme of the story is hope. During the span of just an hour or so the story takes you through the journey of a lifetime.

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