Hitler And the Decline of Shah Dynasty With A Romantic Twist by Evangel Athial | Mahaveer Publishers,

Name Of The Book: Hitler And the Decline of Shah Dynasty With A Romantic Twist

Author:  Evangel Athial

Publisher:  Mahaveer Publishers

ISBN:  9788183520799

Language: English

Price: INR 125

No Of Pages 168

About the Book:  "His astounding sway over the masses, the victories and conquests against all odds, the appalling viciousness and cold-bloodedness, and the total lack of remorse even at the doorstep of death are proofs of this supernatural aid and influence."" He said.

My eyes were still fixed at the ice walls.

""Also, this was the only reason he wouldn't marry Eva Braun in spite of her repeated requests."" He said after some time.

""What has this to do with marriage?"" I asked.

""A lot: as you know, a Christian marriage is solemnized in a church by a priest. Hitler knew he could never stand before the altar, in the presence of God.""

""But they were married before their death."" I said.

""Yes, and no: the so called marriage performed on the morning of April twenty nine, nineteen forty five was an eye-wash. The man who married them, Walther Wagner was a minor official of the Propaganda Ministry who had no authority to solemnize marriages. Even in death, Hitler had no pangs of guilt in being deceitful to the innocent girl who had been loyal to him throughout."" He said.                    
 For the first time, I felt sorry for the Dictator's mistress of sixteen years."

About the Author
The author is a newspaper columnist and visiting faculty of Communication Skills and Personality Development. Apart from a ridiculously absurd passion for writing, he likes wild drives in fast cars through the Himalayas; has always been fascinated by mysteries, cries a lot and eats anything. This is his sixth book.

Born in Kathmandu, reared in Kerala, presently surviving in Madhya Pradesh the guy is a little confused about his exact locations, but mostly hangs around Facebook or his web site, so that's where you should look if at any time you get the insane urge to catch him..

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Love Across The Borders by Sudama Chandra Panigrahi | All Books Global

Name Of The Book: Love Across The Borders

Author: Sudama Chandra Panigrahi

Publisher:  All Books Global

ISBN:  9788192569000

Language: English

Price: INR 299

No Of Pages 250

About the Book

Jia, a Chinese girl, loves an Indian boy, Jivan. Together they dream to build an edifice of love but the deteriorating Sino-Indian relations deter them. Time separates them. The novel epicts love and Sino-Indian relations, how the time changes and how they reunite.

About the Author: A self made person, he’s a voracious reader of fiction, works in the Indian Railway as a Ticket Examiner. At leisure time, he writes poems, short stories. His poems are published in some anthologies. He blogs at http://sudampanigrahi.blogspot.com/


Starting off with the quality of the book. Being the first book of All Books Global, as per my knowledge, i feel,  they have done a pretty decent job pertaining to the Cover Art, printing and binding. Coming to the content part of the book. The language is kept very simple, with no use of fancy and heavy words, plus marks from me for it. But the book needs editing, The Visualization of the Author can very well be Polished with it.
Character portrayal of Jia and Jivan has been very well taken care off though.
I somehow feel that the Acknowledgement part should be in the end and the book should begin with the About the Author Part, which was not the case in this book, it was the other way round. Something different, but has worked in the favor for this book as its mentioned that the Authors Wife and Children suffered alienation for Mr Sudama Chandra Panigrahi (The Author) To complete the book

"Time has its own speed of ticking but anxiety wants it to tick faster" This feeling can very well be felt as the Author tries to explain it. Along with, "when time betrays, fulcrum crumbles, the sun becomes dull and night sky aches.'Time Oh time ... who moves you, when you will be mine?'"

The book also deals withe the political situation existing between India and China. Though it is much not different than that mentioned in the book, likewise its said that Truth is always stranger than fiction.

Book Review Forum awards 3.25 stars out of 5 for this debut Author.