Quick Questions With Lt Col Ankita Srivastava

Lt Col Ankita Srivastava: Contributing Writer for ' i '

1.  Now "  i "  has been entered into Limca Book Of Records 2015's Special Literature Edition. How do you feel about it? 
I am feeling totally honored to have been one of the contributing author in this amazing anthology called "I". It is indeed a moment of rejoice for me and my family to know that the anthology that I contributed in has been selected to be entered in Limca Book of Records.

2. How as it working with First Step Publishing?
I had a very smooth work experience while being associated with First Step Publishing. The entire team had been very efficient and proactive. They were prompt and kept to their words in terms of publishing the author's  work. There was timely updates to each of the authors and they put in lot of efforts in designing the catchy cover with the word I written in different languages. As an author I felt  highly motivated to contribute in their other two anthologies as well.

3. Can you please share the gist of your story in " i "
My story titled "The Lost Identity"  is my personal story in terms of what i felt when my short service tenure with the Indian Army got over after putting in 14 years of long  military service. I felt lost in the civil world and how I developed hatred for one of my junior lady colleague whom I could
not bear to see having taken my place. I struggled hard to re assemble my  professional life just to earn my lost identity back.  Three years later when I was called by the  specialist doctors of RR
Military Hospital to help them decide upon a case of Lost identity of a military lady officer who was in coma since last 6 months due to a serious road accident , I come across that same colleague as this patient. I had to make her remember me as only that would have assured the doctors to continue her treatment or else declare her brain dead. I made her recognize me. I made her live. I didn't make her lose her identity of being a living being.

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